bisquickgoddess (bisquickgoddess) wrote,

More ventures into adulthood

My holiday was good, if rushed. After being snowed in for a weekend I managed to navigate my way out of the parking lot and up the street the Monday before Christmas. Road conditions were pretty bad (but drivable) up until the county line, after which the road was perfectly clear. Not sure why C-ville and Albemarle were so bad, given how much more tax revenue they must generate compared to our neighbors.

We went out for Indian on the 23rd in honor of my birthday (I really wanted Indian and didn't know what could be found in Norfolk). It was the first time my parents had ever had Indian but they were good sports about it. They each liked their meal and nobody was sick afterward. As my sister says, they're getting less reluctant in their old age. I am excited because now I know I can take them for Indian again and thus increase my consumption of yummy Indian food.

On Christmas Day we had an all-vegan menu. My sister received a vegan cookbook and a food processor (actually, she got a whole stocked-out kitchen, it seems). For breakfast we had cranberry scones (use coconut oil in place of butter) and for dinner she made a traditional Ecuadorian meal of potato patties with peanut sauce.

The next day we drove down to VA to visit my mom's family. My cousin had a baby in late September so this was our first chance to see her. It was a very chill time, and there were lots of cookies and laughs. My aunt gave me an entire nut roll and some stuffed cabbage to take back with me. I actually ended up driving back to school on my birthday. That was fine, though. I felt like I did more than enough celebrating with my friends and family when I was with them to be hung up over particulars.

I've started studying and preparing for proposal. I guess it's sorta good there's no baseball, as I really need to focus on school, especially while class isn't in session and I don't have to teach. I'm finishing up a few things in lab and will start writing hardcore soon. I have a feeling that some way I'll get it done, if only because I've always been able to.
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