bisquickgoddess (bisquickgoddess) wrote,

This post is brought to you by peacock flue and cluelessness

Last night I fulfilled a longstanding dream and was a peacock for Halloween. I almost thought it wouldn't happen because as late as Friday morning I hadn't glued a single feather to the felt I bought for backing. But when I got home on Friday I popped Lord of the Rings into my laptop and made myself glue them all. Now there's flue tracked throughout my apartment. Not sure I wanna try to pick all of it up just yet. I managed to pin the felt evenly to the back of my electric blue dress and I was on my way walking the streets of C-ville looking ridiculous. I'm going to be a peacock for Halloween for as long as that dress fits me.

Teaching is going well, I supposed. I'm grading lab reports right now feeling distressed about how off some of my students are in their logic. Well, really I'm distressed because so few of them have asked me for help when they've consistently gotten poor grades. But I guess I felt this way last year and only one student got a D (and she deserved it).

Research is zipping along, stumbling a bit. I got over a major roadblock when I started precipitating my compounds in water (i.e., outside the glovebox). Now I've come to another roadblock. I'm trying to protonate my polyene ligands to make allyls, but I can't get them to precipitate cleanly in ether and my naphthalene complex doesn't seem to be very stable. Life goes on, I suppose.
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