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Feeling all renewed and stuff

Chemistry has been a bit slow and the Orioles have been total shit, but otherwise my month and spring have had a lot to like. My parents came to visit last weekend, which was really fun. We went hiking on the Blue Ridge Parkway and hit four wineries over two days. They ended up buying nine bottles for themselves! These are my parents, who for years drank the exact same wine on Easter, Christmas, and New Year. I'm so proud of them. Going hiking has made me want to go rock-climbing again. Turns out there is an indoor climbing wall in C-ville that I can go to fairly cheaply. I'll have to round up people to go.

On the wine and great outdoors note, I'm planning a road trip through the southeast United States for next summer. I almost wish I could go this summer, but I already went to New York and really don't have the time or money I hope to invest in this trip next summer. I'm going to follow the Blue Ridge Parkway into North Carolina, use Chattanooga as a base for northern Georgia/southern Tennessee excursions, head across the state past Nashville and go into Kentucky, I'll have to stop at the Louisville Slugger factory, which has the disclaimer that I might not necessarily see bats being made, before heading back east through Lexington and into West Virginia to go home. I can't wait.

My sister graduates in three weeks. My mother thinks I'm making mountains out of molehills, but I feel like she is pushing me away. I don't know. I hope we can sit down one-on-one after graduation.

I don't know whether I shared this, but we have a new grad student in the lab. She is Chinese, and while her English is decent, she came in with zero research experience, and apparently, zero common sense. And for as long as she's been in our lab (January), there are certain things about working in lab that should be automatic for her, and they aren't. And although we have shown her some techniques and procedures multiple times, we are baffled that doesn't do it as we have shown her. And I'm not talking about the subtle differences that we all learn from our own experiences. I'm talking about things that you need to do or you'll risk contamination/malfunctioning equipment/the like. Her trainer (who also trained me) is at a point, I think, to just let her go ahead and make her mistakes and hopefully learn that doing things the long, tedious way is usually best. I worry that when it comes time to write her candidacy proposal, she won't grasp the importance of taking our advice and make changes, to the detriment of her passing the exam. I guess it's ultimately not my problem.
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