bisquickgoddess (bisquickgoddess) wrote,

It's here!

I almost can't believe today is Opening Day (for the O's anyway). I have my Matt Wieters Facts t-shirt washed and ready to go, and bandaids for when my feet inevitably get blisters from my orange peep-toe wedges!

Some things I love:
The O's are offering expanded dining options, including more vegetarian options, at Camden Yards this year.

President Obama threw out the first pitch before the Nationals' game. I love how he pulled out his White Sox hat and the crowd got all Oh No You Didn't! over it. I expect Obama's next scouting report will make note of a snappy curve ball that needs some work. Remember when there was no team in Washington and the Orioles always opened at home so that if the president wished to throw out an Opening Day pitch there was a close-by team to do it for? Wasn't that great?

Lastly, a day late, I suppose: the timeless Opening Day Genesis.
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