bisquickgoddess (bisquickgoddess) wrote,

Rambling down

I feel very in touch with my writing process tonight, even though I have no pressing writing projects and certainly won't be writing more than a few lines here. Things are going well, I suppose. It's awkward, because for a lot of people, writing is a way to vent and thus a lot of what goes into writing is frustrated ramblings that make the person look overwhelmingly negative. A lot is going on, but I'm not sure it warrants being overwhelmingly negative.

I visited my grandmother last week. The trip went as well as could be expected. We saw Alice in Wonderland, in which Helena Bonham Carter was a deliciously evil Red Queen. I began decorating the apartment I've lived in for the last year and a half. One day, I might even have furniture! Research has hit some snags, but I spent a long time talking to a fellow grad student and was given a laundry list of things to try.

Over the weekend I opened a bottle of wine I bought last summer and was amazed at how good it was and couldn't believe I'd waited so long to open it. Hopefully sometime this spring I'll go down to the vineyard and by a couple more bottles of it.
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