bisquickgoddess (bisquickgoddess) wrote,

The year "snowpocalypse" entered Virginian canon

It is snowing right now. We're expecting 3-6 inches by early tomorrow. That's not so bad, but we had, according to the Daily Progress, close to 10 inches on Saturday. I think it was more like 6 or 7, and a lot of it melted yesterday. It was freezing last weekend. This weekend, we're looking at 1-2 inches of freezing rain, plus 5+ inches of snow, or 15-20 inches of snow. We already had a 20+ inch snowstorm the weekend before Christmas.

Now, I defend my proposal next Wednesday. I really do not need snow keeping me from getting in this weekend or next week. And the weekend after? I need to go home. And the week after, I'm taking a train up to New York. So weather, if you're going to dump 20 inches of snow on us, make this the last of it.

I guess preparations for proposal are going well. With it being so close, I almost can't feel overwhelmed by it. It's like trying to judge the height of a mountain when you're standing at the base. You can't even see the top.

On the other hand, spring will be here in no time!
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