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I love the Winter Meetings

On Bedard becoming an Oriole again:

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, Bedard's rehab is going well and he's on target to be ready to pitch within the first couple of weeks of April.

Well this is exciting news. I wonder if by "ready to pitch," Zrebiec means "toss to Minor Leaguers in game situations" or "plunking Jeter in the ass for the big club when the occasion calls for it."

My week has gone pretty well. I still haven't emailed my sister, but she hasn't emailed me either so I guess one of us needs to break the awkward ice. My last lab reports are graded and grades submitted. I have set up a time to meet with my students on Wednesday if they have any last complaints or questions about my grading, which I'm mildly nervous about. Not so much having to refuse to give points that haven't been earned as having students undoubtedly become upset in front of their peers. The last lab was hard for a lot of students and the class did poorly as a whole.

Otherwise, the most exciting thing that happened over the weekend was that on Friday I realized I was missing a sock and on Sunday I found it.
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