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For as lazy as I am, it's surprising I don't waste more time on LJ

I have a good lot of dirt to share about the break-up (as it were), but since I don't really have time to do it justice now, I'll hold off and share a funny thing and an exciting thing.

The funny thing: I walk across the campus to and from the chem building everyday, and since graduation, there's been a lot of construction work going on. Now, at one point on my way there's a port-a-pot next to the road for the workers to use. While walking past it one morning I noticed it had a faded skull and cross bones label with the words "inhalation hazard" under it. And I thought this was the funniest thing ever. Then I proceeded to analyze the shit out of it and try to guess whether the hazard was methane (seems like there wouldn't be enough) or fumes from whatever chemicals they put in to break down the waste.

The exciting thing: I am going to the Daylily and Wine Festival tomorrow, where I will be able to enjoy pretty flowers and sample wines from local vineyards. I'll probably buy a bottle or three two.

The O's are losing 7-12 in Chicago. I see Rich Hill has picked up where he left off.
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